Company Profile

Kiano, registered as Engineering Kiano S.C. have been trading for several years and well established in Mijas Costa on the Costa del Sol Spain designing and manufacturing their own range of several products for Glass Balustrading applications, glass tables, Stainless steel and leather furniture and supporting the need of precision and general engineering to other trades and with having their own fully equipped and full capacity machine shop and design facilities enables Kiano to undertake these additional requirements apart from their own product lines. As all product component parts for their systems are manufactured in house as opposed to purchasing off the shelf, when a complication of installation arises and special component parts are required and not standard Kiano can overcome these problems by designing and manufacturing to suit such parameters together with fulfilling the need for specialist component, machinery, equipment, jigs, tools, prototyping and development to other trades. Originally from the UK Clive the founder of Kiano with 48 years experience in the engineering and design field, a fully qualified toolmaker and design engineer remains a hands on machinist and has led the Company from humble beginnings to where they are today and the reputation of excellence they have achieved. As a family business his wife Christine has become an integral part of the business not only in the administration but also now a competent machinist herself having been trained in house by Clive, Martin his son joined the business several years ago and has now taken over the duties of being their Chief installation engineer and surveyor as well as being a profficient machinist once again trained in house. Tony their nephew has recently joined the business as a director and head of international and world- wide sales, marketing, business development and currently undertaking the necessary changes for accreditations to I.S.O. standards, with Tony’s experience and qualifications world –wide sales are forecast with other manufacturing and distribution centres planned bringing Kiano to the equivalent levels of other reputable Companies within the same fields. As with most businesses the worldwide web and internet driven requirements have been taken on board by Kiano and in order to maintain this once again keeping things within the family Michelle the eldest daughter is now leading the web design and IT aspects of the business and the founders vision is to hopefully have his grandchildren and all family members involved within the business in the future years.

Our Mission & Vision

Kiano will always strive to achieve excellence through providing quality bespoke products and services to new and existing customers. Dynamic and flexible in approach we will pride ourselves on being honest and reliable to achieve the best results. We will always put the safety of our employees and clients at the forefront of our business. Company Corporate Values · Dependability · Professionalism · Excellence through quality · Diversity · Contentment (customer satisfaction)

What Our Clients Are Saying about Kiano.es

Having visited their factory and showroom and seeing for ourselves the quality and elegance of Kiano’s Balustrading Systems ,we decided to proceed to have stage one fitted in March 2012 with a specially requested additional top beam, we were so impressed we had stage two of the same fitted in August 2012. Well done Kiano for providing an excellent engineered product and we wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Kiano Balustrading Systems to others,though you won’t need it, best of luck Kiano Engineering. Micheal and Joyce La Cala de Mijas

Satisfied Customer

Our recent balcony reform project in La Cala de Mijas included using the Kiano Balustrading System specifically requested by our client which proved to be excellent in all aspects and so easy to fit, our client was very satisfied with the completed project and would recommend it to others. I look forward to working with Kiano Engineering in the future fitting their Balustrading Systems on their behalf. J.Nesbitt johnneza@hotmail.com Professional Building Contractors +34 666182764 +34 666182764

Satisfied Customer

We wanted to improve our property by replacing the masonry columns type balustrading with Glass balustrading and from a recommendation we contacted Kiano in Fuengirola and were invited to their premises to see for ourselves their range of Glass balustrading products and witness them physically being manufactured. Having been previous owners of an Engineering Company, we understood the unique design and quality aspects of their excellent product line from which we decided to proceed. On completion of the installation, what a difference it made, we can now enjoy the fabulous views from our terrace. An excellent and beautiful job well done by Kiano and John Nesbitt construction whose combined staff were courteous and very professional throughout. Paul & Janet Mijas Golf, Mijas Costa, Costa del Sol

Satisfied Customer

Meet The Team

Clive Gabbott (Founder)

Design And Development Engineer

Clive the founder of Kiano commenced his career as a Toolmaker 48 years ago advancing to become a design and development engineer gaining experience in a broad spectrum of manufacturing industries from production tooling to special purpose machinery, having a flair for trouble shooting, design and the knowledge of various manufacturing processes enables the company to introduce new products, bespoke special installation requirements and service other various manufacturing industries with full engineering ,design and development facilities. Though at the helm of Kiano, whenever possible Clive remains on the shop floor and a member of the production team or training new staff in the basics of engineering irrespective of their role within the company, Clive deems this introduction is necessary to give the sales person, installation engineer etc. an insight and knowledge of how the component parts are manufactured, what they are and what Kiano and their products are all about so that when a client asks a question a knowledgeable answer is given. Clive admits himself that he is one of the old fashioned craftsmen and basis his training programme from his own training and his trainees must undergo the basics without the aid of digital readouts or C.N.C. before advancement as it’s his belief that this is the best way to learn, his vision is to train more in this way irrespective of age, gender, religion etc. but although Clive has no intention of retirement and the years are against him he hopes his vision will come to fruition through the continuous growth and success of Kiano.

Christine Gabbott (Co-Founder)

Accounts And Administration

Christine married to Clive for 43 years began her working life as a telephonist with the then G.P.O. and soon became a proficient telephonist receptionist and advancing to undertake other office duties with large Companies in England and relocation to North wales. Returning to her roots in Cheshire to bring up her children Christine also took on the part time role of accounts, payroll and general administration of the family engineering business and when the time was right took up full time employment as a machine operative in the Confectionary industry obtaining NVQ level 3 and NVQ trainer. Christine’s experience in accounts, administration and as a machine operative has become an integral part of Kiano’s growth and success, with continuous training and a hands on member of the team, getting her hands dirty as part of everyday life within the business is certainly appreciated by existing and potential new clients alike with the greatest of respect shown by all members of staff at all levels.

Martin Gabbott

Chief Installation Engineer

Martin as Kiano’s chief installation engineer had always been interested in the family engineering business spending weekends and spare time assisting in all types of work undertaken as well as fitting for other Companies but decided on a career in catering as a chef, gaining several qualifications and experience in class establishments but decided to return to the family business several years ago and with his past experience in engineering has taken the career change like a duck to water. Not only is Martin responsible for the installation and survey aspect of Kiano’s business he is also a proficient engineer and machinist continuing the manufacturing of component parts when not training other installation engineers or advising supply only clients. All component parts for Kiano’s balustrading systems are designed and manufactured in house and the feed- back from Martin and his on the ground installation team are critical for the improved designs and future development of their product line. Client comments from inclusive installation or supply only about the efficiency, advice and competence of Martin and his team are always excellent.

Michelle Gabbott

Web Administrator

Michelle the eldest daughter of Clive & Christine has a proven record in sales and marketing. From planning and coordinating marketing projects and initiatives, Including online campaigns, events, design/print & production to full presentations and the development of marketing collateral. Michelle knows just how important it is to move with the times and whilst she still continues her roll in Sales and Marketing, she has also taken on the roll of web administrator / IT Support for Kiano SC to help drive forward multiple lead generation and social media campaigns, whilst building awareness of Kiano SC Glass Balustrading and Engineering. Michelle will also help to develop strategic and tactical campaigns to support the overall business goals. Lead Innovation around customer journey / lead nurturing via Marketing Automation. Supporting the in-house marketing and design team by coordinating and collating content, materials and data for marketing campaigns. Policing the brand and organizing the production of branded items such as collateral and merchandise. Producing additional marketing communications, such as flyers, brochures and exhibition-related projects. Assisting with the production of artwork using AI, sourcing images, print buying and checking copy.